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The time it takes to create a website depends to a large extent on the complexity of the project and the individual needs, as well as the from selected package. The bigger the package you choose, the more time it takes to create the website, but in general it can be said that the "Start package" takes 1-2 weeks, the "Pro package" takes 3-4 weeks, the "All-in-one package" takes 8-12 weeks is completed during

Use of images and graphics, well-structured content, clean layout and simple navigation, responsive design. These are essential when designing a website.

The About Us/Company page, a detailed description of the products/services, references, contact information and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page are also essential so that visitors can find what they are looking for.

Responsive design is key as it allows your website to display properly on different devices, which improves user experience and search engine rankings.

Both options are available. One option is to use generic, standard graphics, which may serve the purpose, but offer limited options in terms of customization. On the other hand, the creation of unique graphics allows brands to develop their own, distinctive and distinctive visual identity. They also have the advantage that their application is not only important from an aesthetic point of view, but can also provide strategic advantages to your brand in the digital space.

Integrating SEO (search engine optimization) is essential. Appropriate placement of keywords, relevant content and technical optimization help in ranking search engines.

The process typically includes design, designer approval, development, testing, and final approval. This ensures that the site meets expectations in every aspect.

The timing depends on the complexity of the project. In general, the design phase lasts from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on how much time is required for the development of the concept and the negotiations.

In general, vector graphics (e.g. AI, EPS) are the most common formats, as they are scalable and do not lose their quality when enlarged. However, upon request, the new logo will also be delivered in additional file formats (png, jpg, pdf).

Of course, there is openness to feedback and changes. Based on the constructive feedback, the plans are further developed so that they better match the expectations.

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