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Website and corporate identity design for small and medium sized enterprises

Every business needs an image designed with professionalism and thorough precision, which provides a solid foundation for the further development of the company, the development of the marketing strategy and further processes. The importance of professional image design cannot be stressed enough, no matter what the company.

And a professionally designed website is at least as important for a company, as almost every process has now moved into the online space, people search and find everything online, they browse a multitude of websites every day, companies have to adapt to the situation. I help you achieve the goals of your business.








Unique solutions for your businesses

The websites, images or other graphic elements I design are made according to a designed strategy and concept, which in each case represents a unique design, of course tailored to your business, keeping in mind the needs, goals and marketing philosophy. I walk you through the processes that are essential to successfully embedding the image of your business in people’s minds, and when it comes to a product or service, your company comes to mind first. Haven’t I convinced you yet? Then read on and see what processes our joint project will go through.

        01 – Generating the idea

As a first step, each project begins with research. If it’s a start-up or fresh business, we’ll look at the market, the competition, and ask ourselves what your business will do better because it will offer more to people than other similar businesses. This is followed by inspiration and then the birth of the idea on which the whole image, the website and all the graphic elements are built.

        02 – Development of the conception

After accepting the ideas and sketches, the next step is the development of the concept, then the real “work” begins. Creating a logo that burns into people’s minds, image design(developing image elements), choosing a color, choosing a font, creating website designs, and then finalizing and testing the page. It’s a long process, but I promise if we get to the end, you’ll be happy with the result.

        03 – Closing the project

As a final step, at the end of the project, the ready-made image elements and the website will be handed over, with which you can start as prepared as possible, in a world where there is huge competition in every field, but you can rest assured that we have laid the solid foundations for your business to start on the path to success. In the following, I will show you how and along what principles I prepare my work.

Why choose me?

My name is Adam Fenyvesi and my hobby is also my profession. I can say I am lucky to be able to deal with what I love. Because I do what I love, I always invest 100% quality in my work, and I create my clients assignments with dedication, diligence, and customer focus. I like the modern style and its simplest execution, which can be noticed in my works as well. Each of my completed projects is characterized by the following 4 basic pillars:


It is important to move with the times and be innovative, because if we don’t, we will easily lag behind others. When creating my work, I work with this in mind, so whether it’s image design or website creation or the development of any graphic element, innovation is one of the most important factors.


If the work we do isn’t efficient, no matter how beautiful or “design-oriented,” we can throw it in the trash. Efficiency is the most important factor (in a project, but true in all areas of life) that can be broken down into further parts by a well-thought-out and planned strategy.


In today’s fast-paced world, everyone has the least of one thing. From time. Everyone is rushing somewhere, everyone needs everything right away, so businesses also need to pick up the pace. Of course for me too, so our project will always be ready by the agreed deadline.


Precision and accuracy are especially expected in this profession, so I only consider my projects final if all the pixels are in place exactly. Such a mistake can permanently undermine the judgment of your business, so it is an important factor that cannot be ignored. Aware of all this, please read on and take a look at my work.

Some completed projects

Please take a close look at the completed projects and if you feel we could work together, please contact me at one of my contact details. If you are interested in more work or posts, you can find it on the social networking sites below.

Let’s work together to achieve your goals!

Még több projekt:

This is what customers think of me

The basis of joint cooperation is mutual trust, without the perfect working relationship isn’t exist. Once you have this, you can start a project whose goals include customer satisfaction, which is in the interest of every business.

Dear young man, full of ideas and innovations! Thanks to the modern website, more new guests have found us! I can recommend your work to everyone!


Beata Kosa

Adam is an extremely friendly and kind person, in addition to a high degree of creativity and awareness. He keeps in mind the current trends and strives for uniqueness in the course of his work and last but not least, he always keeps in mind the client’s wishes and style and personality. I can only recommend it to everyone. You can bring 100% satisfaction in every way!


Csilla Zantleitner

Adam is a reliable partner, he finished the work before the agreed deadline. He solved my request creatively. He did a demanding job. I would gladly recommend it with a good heart.


Ildiko Febert

I asked Adam to make a logo which I received very soon. All I can say is that it works very precisely and if I might still want to make a logo or website I’m sure I’ll turn to it. I can only recommend it to everyone.


Attila Kalamar

Get in touch

Contact me at one of the contact details provided. I will respond to all questions within 24 hours!

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Get in touch

Contact me at one of the contact details provided. I will respond to all questions within 24 hours!

Szentgotthard, Kethelyi str 7. +36 (30) 899 3276 hello@designarea.hu VAT number: HU55811439

Designarea.hu 2021 ©︱All Rights reserved.